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Introduction and services:-

We are providing reliable Internet Services to many Corporate and home based Broadband users. We are certified by Department of Telecom (DoT) India. We have invested in 360 degree sectors and Omni devices and 2 high Qwlality power beam of ubiquity brand along with 25 km aria coverage to ensure no single point of failure at our main Data Centre. The POP is situated near about main Maksi railway station which is be more closer than other ISP and connectivity is from this site is direct to our sector antenna and Omni devices by Railtel corporation of India and concern company name is Rail wire and which provides highest uptime in the industry We take Bandwidth from this company to ensure Low Latency and redundancy.

Kabir InfoTech and placement and Avocation facilitator and consultants private limited is one of the channel partners of Railtel corporation of india and Rail wire.